Looking to Sell in a Slow Market

December 5, 2018

Perhaps this is your best option

Imagine yourself in the position of selling your home, not because you need to but because you want to. Perhaps you’re ready to travel the world and would like to purchase property elsewhere, or you simply have your eye on another home that exceeds your wildest dreams. Whatever the reason is for selling, there’s no doubt that it is a decision that starts an often lengthy process.


During a traditional home sale, it’s anyone’s guess as to when it will sell and for how much. Even the most experienced real estate agents in your area can’t always offer 100% transparency during the process, and in a slow housing market, selling your home can turn into a bigger chore than you’d like.

But what if it didn’t have to be this way? Today we’re going to explore the idea of selling your home through an auction and how this method can bring you a multitude of benefits versus a traditional sales listing during a slow market.


What Makes An Auction Different?

The first thing that often comes to mind when discussing the auction of real estate is that the owner is in trouble. Maybe they’re behind on their payments and they simply can’t continue to keep the home, so they turn to an auction in a moment of desperation. At Harcourts Auctions, we do just the opposite. We work with sellers who think outside of the traditional real estate box to feature their property in a way that gets the most out of the market.


Auctioning your home by partnering with Harcourts put you in the driver’s seat from start to finish. The auction process doesn’t place a ceiling on what the market will offer unlike a traditional sale and communicates to potential buyers that you want the beautiful features of your home to stand out rather than the dollar amount on a listing.

Overcoming A Slow Time

Instead of playing the waiting game and listing your home using traditional methods, the choice to sell your property via auction can bring you a range of advantages. When the real estate market is rather slow, it puts buyers in the position of taking their time without having to worry about other competition, often placing sellers on the edge of their seats just waiting to receive an offer.


A set sale date with an auction puts the power in your hands, demonstrating to potential buyers that you are motivated and that they should approach the purchase with some sense of urgency. In fact, we’ve found that over 52% of properties listed through Harcourts actually receive an offer and are sold before auction day arrives.


The public perception is that homes offered through an auction give buyers a chance to purchase a luxury piece of property at a steal of a price. Again, because the market gets to decide the value of your home, using Harcourts Auctions can actually result in more money in your pocket rather than using an outdated “price to sell” model.

The Finer Details

Working with Harcourts is an easy and enjoyable process where you get to determine the final outcome of your home’s future. If you’re not comfortable with the price determined during the auction, you are under no obligation to sell at that time. As the colder months approach this year, the real estate market naturally takes a dip. Why not sell your house at auction and let your fantastic property speak for itself?

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