How Auction can help you achieve success in a Hot Market!

September 8, 2021

The process of buying and selling a home can feel incredibly overwhelming

Purchasing a house is one of the most significant investments you will make in your life while selling your residence can feel as if you are giving up a piece of yourself. Today’s red hot housing market only intensifies these feelings. With record-low interest rates, more qualified buyers than ever before, and a stunning housing shortage, if you are looking to buy or sell, you are going to want to take advantage of every opportunity at your disposal. Thankfully, Harcourts Auctions gives you plenty of choices.


For years, Harcourts Auctions has innovated how real estate is bought and sold with their one-of-a-kind auction platform. We are not trying to change the traditional methods of real estate but instead find different ways of doing business while providing options for our clients. Though the benefits derived from our auction process are indisputable, we believe they are even more advantageous in the skyrocketing markets we have today.

For the Seller

They Want What They Can’t Have

As a seller, the auction process in a hot market is equally as beneficial. With Harcourts Auctions, there is always a starting bid agreed upon by the seller and their agent. With a set price, we feel optimistic that the number will balloon as the offers roll in. The auction happens live, and with such a significant shortage of housing inventory, a competitive spirit can surge amongst those bidders. People want what they can’t have. Not only can they tangibly see the top offer and how close they are to it, but as buyers see bids coming in, it gives them confidence that this is a wise investment. At that moment, buyers are more spontaneously apt to raise their number to secure the home.


Everything Done on Your Timeline

The housing market is on fire, but it is also fluid. Though there are no indications of it drastically changing any time soon, minor blips can alter a buyer’s way of thinking. Some concerns may creep into your mind if you are listing your home in the traditional setting, not knowing when, or if, your house will sell. Will your house immediately sell while offers are high? Or do you risk the interest rate rising and buyers suddenly being more conservative with their offers? With Harcourts Auctions, you eliminate these fears by choosing an auction date that is comfortable for you. You no longer have to worry about showings and potential sales dragging on for long periods. You can also anticipate more earnest buyers for the sale of your home, as those putting in offers register for the auction with the full intention of purchasing the property.

For the Buyer


In a traditional real estate setting, the process of buying a home can be pretty secretive. You and your agent place an offer that you believe is competitive, but once that offer is in, you are left with nothing more than your fingers crossed, hoping your offer is the best of the bunch. Conversely, when purchasing through our auctions, the process is entirely transparent. In real-time, you can witness who your competition is and how much they are bidding. Without this knowledge, you may miss the house of your dreams by as little as a few thousand dollars, and you would have had no idea. Whereas in our auction setting, you witness every offer as it comes in, guaranteeing you the opportunity to know exactly how much cash you need to put up to come out on top.


Free From Overpaying 

Double-digit offers on a home have become increasingly common. Because of this situation, the transparency of the auction is to your advantage. In the traditional setting, you may feel like you need to start with an offer that is significantly over the asking price to give yourself the best shot at acquiring the house. But if your offer is then selected, you may wonder if you have overpaid for the property. With Harcourts Auctions, this is entirely avoidable. Since you will know what every bid is, you won’t have to worry about overpaying. Knowing all the bids on the table, you can offer the best amount without having to guess. Then once the house is yours, you can walk away confidently knowing that you paid fair market value and not a penny more.

This record-breaking housing market can sometimes feel overwhelming, but know that it doesn’t have to be

Whether buying or selling, Harcourts Auctions gives you advantages that the traditional real estate market simply cannot offer.

So rather than dipping your toes into the real estate market, dive right in. We are always here to support you and prove that there is no limit on what you can achieve through our auction platform.

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